Snood / Neck Shrug

With the assistance of one of my customers from Around A Hound who participated in a trial helped me to design a snood/neck shrug which is great for Greyhounds and dogs with long necks.

The length is long enough that it covers the chest and the shoulders and then its coat can be put on top of it, so no spaces to let the cold air in. It can be used (as demonstrated by Gracie in the photo) with the top pulled up to keep her cosy, or rolled down to form a roll collar.

For fitting measure around your dogs head just in front of the ears and choose the appropriate size. There is stretch in the fabric hence the two measurements.

Available in the following sizes

Small -30-36cm length-46cm – $28
Medium-36-40cm length-60cm – $30
Large-40-46cm length-60cm – $32
XL 52-60cm length 60cm – $35

The snood shown in the photo is made from 450g polar fleece double and has a contrasting lining of purple and is fully reversable.

Colours I have available in top quality fleece are – burgundy, black, navy, purple, forest green, pink, lime green, royal blue, pink and red. You can mix and match for inside or out.

Camouflage – available in orange, grey and green (all mixes)

Waterproof fabric lined with a plain fleece available in red, light blue, kakhi green, navy, purple and burgundy. A keyhole is inserted to allow the connection of the lead to the collar.

Waterproof Fluorescent colours – yellow, orange and shocking pink.

Black waterproof oilskin lined with fleece to match my coats.

Price: $30.00

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