Boys Belly Bands

This is a new release from Dog E Style to compliment our very popular bitches britches. Time for the boys now.

We have designed these commonly called belly bands for boys with the added enhancement of a shaped padded pouch in very soft polar fleece which will not produce chaffing.

The difference between our product versus others –

Other products are just a rectangle which wraps around and dogs have difficulty sitting because of the bulk of the top band. The shaping of our product gives the maximum coverage where it is needed and less bulk around the back, hence the pouch measurement. They can be used alone or add a feminine liner for extra protection.

These will suit the leg lifter or incontinent boy and could be used as a training aid for puppies.

Sizings as follow (measuring right round the dog, in the area they will be worn) in a firm fit.

Size 000-waist 24-28cm pouch8cm
Size 00- waist 28-32cm pouch8cm wide
Size 0 – waist 32-35cm pouch 8cm wide
Size 1 – waist 36-38cm pouch 8cm wide
Size 2 – waist 40-44cm pouch 10cm wide
Size 3 – waist 46-52cm pouch 11cm wide
Size 4 – waist 54-58cm pouch 12cm wide
Size 5 – waist 60-66cm pouch 14cm wide

Price: $14.00

Size: + Size Chart

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