Chill Out Bandana

Dog E Style is pleased to release this latest number for the hot weather. All our products are made in New Zealand.

The fabric is called Dri Cool and is made from a functional yarn that features water diffusion and wickable properties. As a result this fabric does not stick to the skin and is breathable providing the wearer with comfort and coolness. The fabric allows the moisture and heat out of the coat while allowing the air in. It has a UV rating of UPF50+ (AS/NZS 4399:1966).

It has a natural fabric liner which when soaked in cold water and wrung out will retain the coolness for longer. Can be put in the fridge for greater coolness.

No nasties or gels in these to harm your dogs. Please note in the sizes that you should allow enough for the bandana to tie at the back of the neck as I personally find that velcro and dog’s hair are not a good match. I get fed up trying to pick out dog hair so the velcro can become sticky again!!!

Standard sizes as follows:

Small – length round the neck 50cm front depth 14cm

Medium – length round the neck 61cm front depth 15cm

Large – length round the neck 72cm front depth 17cm

Price: $12.00

Size: + Size Chart

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