Double Layered Cool Coat

Dog E Style is pleased to release this latest number for the hot weather. Made from two layers of Dri Cool Fabric and has a fabric insert which means the coat can be worn wet or dry. To give even greater protection in a very hot day, pop in the fridge. There are no crystals or gel in these coats therefore they do not get musty and stained.

The fabric is called Dri Cool and is made from a functional yarn that features water diffusion and wickable properties. As a result this fabric does not stick to the skin and is breathable providing the wearer with comfort and coolness. The fabric allows the moisture and heat out of the coat while allowing the air in. It has a UV rating of UPF50+ (AS/NZS 4399:1966). Widely worn by top sports professionals. These are made to measure from Great Dane to Chihuaua.

The coat is either made with one central strap, eg for a show dog with a quick side release clip or with double cross over straps which join with a side release buckle at the shoulder and do not slip even with an active dog

Available in white which is a dream to wash, pink and blue. My dogs have rolled in all sorts in these coats and when it is really bad I just soak it in napisan and it comes out perfectly clean.

Extremely helpful for itchy dogs taking the heat out of their skin.

Comes with the GENUINE AUTHENTICATION LABEL for the Dri Cool fabric.

Pricing is based on the length of your dog from the base of the neck to the start of the tail.

Please Ask Pat if you would like a quote before ordering.

Price: $31.00

Size: + Size Chart

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