Off the shelf Ready Made – Oilskin Coats

Ready Made Oilskin coats are made out of quality Black oilskin, which is breathable, waterproof and windproof.

The lining is a quilted black nylon which dog hairs do not stick to.  Take off, good shake and hairs fall off.

Neck and band are attached with Velcro which allows some movement in sizing. Length of course is not adjustable.

Available in the following sizes

Measurements should be taken as follows–

Length – from the base of the neck to the start of the tail.
Girth – this is the chest measurement, measure the widest part of the rib cage.
Neck right round.
Depth size is taken on one side from the top of the shoulders down towards the start of the front leg, you should ensure that your dog can move freely.

Extra Small – Length 32cm
Girth 40-54cm
Neck 24 -32cm
Depth – 19cm – $35

Small – Length – 38cm
Girth – 44 -60cm
Neck – 30 – 38cm
Depth – 22cm – $40

Medium Length – 45cm
Girth – 48-66cm
Neck – 32-42cm
Depth – 24cm – $45

Medium PLUS Length – 50cm
Girth – 48 – 66cm
Neck – 38 – 45cm
Depth – 24cm – $50

Large Length – 56cm
Girth – 60-84cm
Neck – 38-52cm
Depth – 30cm – $60

XL – Length – 65cm
Girth – 70-94cm
Neck – 48-62cm
Depth – 35cm – $65

Price: $35.00

Size: + Size Chart

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